How to Search and Apply for Jobs in the Lakeland

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  • Published on December 16, 2022

When exploring the job market there are many employment services available. Some of the most common (and highly successful) job seeking services are described below: 

Lakeland Jobs

The purpose behind Lakeland Jobs is to connect job seekers in the vast Lakeland area (Cold Lake, Bonnyville, St Paul, Vermillion, Lac La Biche, and surrounding areas) with local opportunities. This job board focuses attention on these locations to improve lakeland hiring and display the various job opportunities available in the Lakeland area. 

The goal is to bring a professional job board to those looking for work in the area. It offers some great features (all free for job seekers) including: directly applying on the job board with your profile (no need to re-upload or send an email every time), sign up for email alerts for new jobs, create a professional profile so you can stand out to local employers and learn more about the companies hiring. Lakeland Jobs narrows the focus of location to ensure that job seekers are finding the right fit for them while growing our community. Also as a locally focused business, Lakeland Jobs gives back to the communities they serve! 

Lakeland HR Solutions

Lakeland HR Solutions is a Recruiting and Human Resource Solutions Office based out of Bonnyville. It offers guidance and services for employers and job seekers in the Lakeland.

This employment service offers job seeking services such as: resume and cover letter review, resume / cover letter creation, social media screening, and interview preparation. In addition to these services, if you don’t see a current posting that is a fit for you, you can submit your resume for future considerations to make sure you are considered for an opportunity that may be the perfect career fit. This option allows candidates to submit their resume to be contacted in the future if a job opportunity presents itself that may be a good fit for the candidate. It’s all confidential so your resume would never be submitted to a company without your consent.


Indeed is a global employment website. It allows job seekers to post their resumes and browse current job opportunities for free. Specifically, candidates can filter for industry / type of work, and location. By narrowing the location to the area Lakeland jobs indeed can help candidates find lakeland employment opportunities on Indeed. Indeed is one of the most commonly used employment websites with a vast range of industries, locations, and job opportunities. 


Infomall is a great community board. Infomall has added an employment services aspect to their platform. This allows employers to post job ads on Infomall in specific locations. These ads allow for job seekers to read the job description and apply by submitting their resume to the email provided on the job ad. 

Facebook Groups

Facebook is an effective networking tool. Facebook groups can be used as a free and effective way to engage in a job search. Joining Facebook groups that are local to your community, or revolve around career interests are a great way to view job opportunities that might be a good fit for you. By being active in these groups, candidates can network and may find more employment opportunities. 


LinkedIn is an international, professional networking and employment oriented app that allows job seekers to upload their documents and view current job postings. Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to share your information and update statuses to connect with other employers and job seekers.

Directly on the Employer Website 

Finally, if there is a specific company that peaks your interest, check out their website. Job opportunities are commonly posted on organization’s websites. 

Happy Holidays and Happy Job Hunting!